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Rules and Regulations

Playing format is 7 v 7 (6 outfield players + 1 goalkeeper)

All players must be below the specified age category on January 1st 2024.  Female players are permitted to play one age group below. 

At the organiser's discretion teams may be invited to play in a lower age category for example a community club competing against SAP and academy teams


Players can play up an age group and can also represent the same club at different age groups ie an U9 player can play U9s and U10s.


Unlimited rolling substitutes are permitted by each team.

All players MUST wear shin pads with long socks


No jewellery is allowed during games.


All matches will be 26 mins (no half time) unless significant advantage conferred to a team eg strong wind


In the case that a significant advantage is conferred to a team playing either direction then match will be 2 x 12 min halves and 3 min half time.

Allowance for time lost is permitted at the referee’s discretion to a maximum of 1 minute.


Teams must have at least five players on the pitch and ready to start on time. If a team is not ready to play at the scheduled kick off time, a 2-0 penalty is imposed and the remainder of time played as normal.


Players must leave the field of play immediately following their game


All opponents must be at least 3 meters from the ball. All free kicks are indirect and must be touched by at least one other player before a goal is scored. 



All players except kicker and goalkeeper must be outside of penalty area whilst kick is taken.  The penalty taker may take maximum of 2 steps. 


All opponents must be 2 meters from the ball​


Goalkeepers cannot drop kick the ball.  They are allowed to place the ball on the ground and kick it.  If the ball goes behind off opposition player play restarts with a goal kick.  If the goalkeeper catches the ball they must release within 5 seconds. The keeper is allowed to throw or kick the ball over the half-way line.


All opponents must be at least 3 meters away from the player taking the kick.


The Offside Law does NOT apply. 


The opening league rounds will be held under a Round Robin system where teams play each other once with points to be awarded as follows: 

Win 3pts

Draw 1pt

Loss 0pts


Matches as per group stages.  In the event of a tie then match will be decided by penalties.  Each team will take 3 penalties.  Penalties must be taken by different players.  After 3 penalties if teams still tied then sudden death system is used.  If one team fails to score and the other team converts their penalty then scoring team is declared the winner. Different players must be used until everyone in team has taken a penalty. 

The rankings of the teams in each group shall be determined as follows: 

Greatest number of points obtained in all matches

Greatest goal difference in all matches

Greatest number of goals scored in all matches

If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above criteria, their ranking shall be determined as follows:


Greatest number of points obtained in all matches involving the teams concerned.

Goal difference in all the matches between the teams concerned.

Greatest number of goals scored in all the matches between the teams

If there is still a draw a sudden death penalty kick competition shall decide the winner. 

Yellow Cards

During a match the official may issue a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behavior.  If a player receives a second yellow card in the same match then they will be issued a red card and must leave the field of play immediately.  

Yellow cards do not carry forward to later matches.

Red Cards


During a match the official may issue a red card for extremely unsportsmanlike behaviour.  Foul and abusive language, striking an opponent and fouls the referee deems excessively dangerous to the opposition player will all result in an instant red card being issued.

A red carded player may not be substituted.

A red carded player will be suspended for one match.  Any team who fields a suspended player will forfeit that match.  A 4-0 result will be awarded to the opposition team.

Coach & Spectator conduct

Coaches and Spectators are asked to refrain from making any comments to the referees or to the players or coaches of other teams. Any complaints should be directed to the organizers who will deal with the situation. 


Any person verbally abusing the referees, players or opposing team coaches will be asked to leave and their team will not be invited back.


Each team is restricted to one coach and one player manager.  Only these two individuals and the players are permitted inside the playing area during the tournament.


Spectators/parents should all be behind perimeter fence.

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