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Terms and Conditions


All fees must be paid in full prior to commencement of any of our programs.  Please ensure that your payments are made on time. 


Legends soccer promotes good sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork. Players and parents are expected to respect their coach, team mates, officials and other parents at all times.  Anti-social behaviour to children or in front of children will not be tolerated.


Legends Soccer will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour. Players are expected to encourage and help their team mates and to respect  their opposition at all times.

At the end of each game players are expected to thank opponents for the game.

Players must respect the decision of the referee at all times.


Please encourage and positively support players.

Please refrain from questioning the referee’s decision  and arguing with other spectators or players.

Respect Legends Soccer's core values of sportsmanship and fair play.  The examples we set shape the players we develop.

Refund policy

In the event of cancellation Legends Soccer will refund all players and teams in full less 5% if payment made by credit card.

Privacy statement

Photographic images and video footage of the event may be used by Legends Soccer on their social media platforms.

Please contact us prior to event if you do not permit an individual's image to be shared publicly.

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